Nitasha is about all things digital. Her DNA is comprised of a series of precisely ordered 1s and 0s. She is multilingual, fluent in English, Hindi, and most importantly ‘Digitanese’, consequently clients benefit from her ability to effectively translate the complex into a cogent streamlined thought process and a parsable workflow. She is equally adept at distilling digital marketing objectives into tangible, actionable customer touch points. The underpinning of all that she does is connecting corporations to customers…Point A to Point B. Although the conduit may not always be linear, whatever the angle employed, it is always the most effective path leading to seamless connectivity and hard-earned dividends.

Did you Know?

She has two very cute kids: a boy named Arjun and a girl named Mira.She may not be a morning person, but she can stay up all night.She can't start her day without a Starbucks frappuccino first thing almost every morning.