Patrick serves as MSK’s lead public relations strategist and counselor for C-suite executives, providing message development, media relations assistance and crisis communications planning. He’s able to effectively apply his background as a journalist to help clients connect with customers, employees, community leaders, vendors, and investors. Some of the brands he’s elevated through the power of earned media include Ford, McDonald’s, Winn-Dixie, Sprint and the National Park Service.

A proud graduate of The Ohio State University, Patrick is married to his college sweetheart and is the father of two grown sons.

Did you Know?

Patrick is the second son of the second son of an Irish immigrant and the first in his family to graduate from collegeAs an avid semi-professional photographer, Patrick enjoys documenting vacation getaways and has even created a calendar featuring spectacular Wisconsin scenery.Patrick is one of only 350 senior PR professionals inducted into the Public Relations Society of America’s prestigious College of Fellows.